YouTube and You!

The process to set up a YouTube Channel is relatively simple and straight forward. Before you set up your account, it is important for you to identify why you want the channel and what you hope to achieve. In other words, what is your niche?

Once you establish your niche, the benefits can be amazing over time. People will start subscribing to your channel and will look forward to your words of wisdom.

Many people rely on YouTube to research before they buy a product or they search for a how to video to give them step by step instructions on how to fix their problem. They rely on you as the expert to help them.

I have a water filter in my kitchen that stopped working. I did a search on YouTube about my problem and presto a video popped up that saved the day. This guy’s video did a great job of providing me the steps to fix my filter. Now I’m not a handyman, but I got out of my comfort zone, followed his instructions and fixed my water filter all by myself.

That is just one example of the value that YouTube videos give to all of us.

The ultimate goal of your channel is to promote your business and provide value to your viewers.

You will gain better exposure to your product and service. You will be considered an expert in your niche and gradually build trust with your customers.

Educating people on your business and having people see that you are an expert in your field makes it easier for them to rely on you and become a loyal customer.

YouTube has been very effective for our team in promoting our ONPASSIVE business.

Watch this Short YouTube Video from Mike Ellis as he goes into more detail on how you can set up your own channel.

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