We’re Expecting

Like any expectant mother, I was excited, joyful, took care of myself
and did the very best for my unborn baby.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I felt like a turkey at Christmas. Struggled during the hot summer months and just wanted this baby OUT! 

Well I suddenly had a burst of energy, cleaned everything in sight which took the attention away from how I was feeling. Soon after that, I went into labor, my baby was amazing. The most beautiful baby I had EVER seen ( all mothers think their baby is the best right?)

She even had her own unique smell (after she got cleaned up lol).
She did not put in her appearance on the due date that
I was given. Babies arrive when they are good and ready, not a moment

Our ONPASSIVE baby is taking shape nicely, we have to protect her
from the naysayers, IT’s creating labor pains for some of us and
making us feel some discomfort.

More than we could EVER imagine. The best EVER!! Well put together!!
IT will emerge with the sweet smell of success!
So let’s keep the P U S H (Pray Until Something Happens)!!

The much awaited emergence of ONPASSIVE got my creative juices
flowing, so here is what ONPASSIVE means to me:

O – Outstanding gift to humanity
N – Not to be missed opportunity
P – Phenomenal technology – better than the rest
A – Artificial Intelligence rolling out at its finest
S – Super Power of the internet world. S – Success guaranteed – yet some don’t understand
I – In It to Win It – from the very beginning
V- Viral – the most effective kind of marketing
E – Extraordinary, nothing can or will EVER match this!!

I have been ‘IN IT TO WIN IT’ for over a year now. When I joined as a Founder I saw the vision and got onboard straightaway. There was no website and no automatic payment system. I didn’t fully understand it then, but I do now and I know it was a life changing decision.

I’ve stayed laser focussed and ignored all the distractions. Good things comes to those who wait and are patient with a project that is this massive.

And I know that the wait Is almost OVER!

Carol Brotherson

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