True Wealth – Other People

Business scholar and mentor, Dr. Rabbi Daniel Lapin writes, “People, collectively, are your wealth.
This is why our ability to make money depends on how well we connect and communicate with others”

The principal above is key to building a successful business. Many are familiar with the age old business principal of “the customer is always right”.

Business is a connection far beyond the exchange of goods and services. Business is a human engagement, an act of negotiation to settle on a price that will benefit both the seller and the buyer.

The Information Technology (IT) company, ONPASSIVE, is the company that is the essence of those business principals. With over 93,000 like minded entrepreneurs, collectively connecting with company founder and owner Ash Mufareh, ONPASSIVE is the connecting solution for any business or non-business platform.

Whether online, offline, brick ‘n mortar, not-for-profit, crowd funding,
educational, professional or social media, ONPASSIVE and its IT and AI (artificial intelligence) engineers are building superior proprietary business platforms.

A Total Business Solution, under one umbrella to ‘market’ your message.

ONPASSIVE is the ‘Smart Business Solution’ to connect anyone to the audience of choice.

Darrell Cook holds a Founder’s Position and is a reseller
for ONPASSIVE helping entrepreneurs form a customer/business team that
will transform how marketing will move ahead in the 21st century.

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