Stubborn…Stubborn: Giant Online Strategy

Trying to market a new idea, product, or revolutionary concept takes vision, creativity, and down right stubbornness.

In’s start-up story featuring the Jeffery Bezos Amazon story, Bezos is quoted, “We are stubborn on vision…We don’t give up on things easily…If you’re not stubborn, you’ll give up on experiments too soon.

The stubborn vision of the founder needs to stand firm against the giants already in the industry. Investors need to stubbornly stand against the negative factors of time, development setbacks, research, trade laws, legal parameters, staffing, and the list goes on.

Fundable further states that Bezos’s marketing idea came “after making a list of the ‘top 20’ products that he could potentially sell on the internet, he decided on books because of their low cost and universal demand.”

Ash Mufareh, founder of ONPASSIVE, and the 48,000 plus Founders in this startup IT marketing business are modeling those stubborn vision and problem solving techniques.

Recently, Mufareh expressed that he surrounds ONPASSIVE around the giants like Amazon and learns from them in order to deliver its customers optimum performance products.

Darrell Cook holds a founder’s position and is a reseller for ONPASSIVE helping entrepreneurs form a customer/business team that will transform how marketing will move ahead in the 21st century.

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