Results or Excuses

Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others?

Why do some people make more money, have nicer houses, great cars and go on amazing vacations every year? What is the real secret to their success and what would it take for me to achieve real success?

One of the key disciplines they learned in their journey and it is common with most successful people is that they don’t make excuses.

Brian Tracy discusses this in his book NO EXCUSES. That most of the excuses are largely the same: ” I didn’t have a happy childhood,” I didn’t get a good education, ” ” I don’t have any money,” ” My boss is really critical,” ” No one appreciated me,” or The economy is terrible.”

He says: ” Do it or don’t do it — but don’t make excuses. ” If it’s to be, it’s up to me!”

Don’t get me wrong, we have all made excuses at one time or another and I can tell you from personal experience that it never advanced my career or helped me achieve my goals.

I would like to make a few suggestions that helped me and our team focus on our success:

  1. Procrastination: It can be the biggest killer of success. It is the force that delays you from following through with what you intended to do. If you delay taking action in the online world, success will pass you by. We have learned to make a plan, focus and implement.
  2. Resolve and Belief: ” We must risk going too far to discover just how far we can go: Jim Rohn”. Your happiness and success have everything to do with your attitude towards life. If you take control of those negative thoughts, you can rise above any challenge or obstacle in your life. ” Do not conform to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind” Romans 12:2
  3. Desire and Motivation: We have found that if there is not a sense of urgency, that desire can fade. Online Marketing and all of the potential upside such as Time Freedom and Financial Independence can pass you by if you aren’t motivated. If you want it bad enough, we are here to help you succeed.

ONPASSIVE NATION was formed by Marty DeGarmo, Mike Ellis and Dan Street to help people on their journey to succeed online.

We have been able to achieve some incredible momentum with this attitude and with a company that not only shares our vision, but is taking it to a level that has never been seen online.

“Let go of the past and totally forget all other experiences. ONPASSIVE is not another one, not only a better one, it’s the ONE. Yes, The Perfect One. ” Ash Mufareh

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