As I look around the business world today, I see most of these business models are set up for failure. The compensation structure of most of them are way to complicated for the average person to succeed and that is bad news not only for the company itself, but for the independent distributor of the company to boot.

Luckily, there is a new and better way to do business that is ONPASSIVE.

Although ONPASSIVE is in pre-launch at the time of this writing, the business model is set up for the 97% who can’t market, don’t know how to market, or have not made any significant profit in any business model.

65,000 Founding Members have realized that they have found the solution to their problems with mantras like:

“All done for you”, “Never before seen”, “First in the history of internet”, “Built with artificial intelligence”, etc.

Now we can’t even go a day without seeing those same themes, first provided by ONPASSIVE, all over everybody else’s marketing attempts. This is a small sample of FOMO in action.

You see, I have been there done that in my 28 years of Online and Offline business models. I’ve seen all the commission plans, marketing platforms and business associates doing this for a long time and only 3% of them succeed. 

There are many factors of why the 97% don’t succeed. I will save that discussion for another time.

ONPASSIVE is the solution for everyone going forward. This is why I believe this company is the future for any online business:

1. ONPASSIVE CEO Ash Mufareh has a strong clear vision for everyone involved in the business model. He’s a family man just like the rest of us so he knows that we all need to support a vision that works for all of us not just a handful of people like other business models I’ve seen.

2. ONPASSIVE’S realization early on the importance of AI included an understanding of its ability to provide multiple advantages while changing our methods and systems of work for the better. 

Along with a majority of global early adopters, ONPASSIVE believes that AI technologies are especially important for success. As such, it’s using AI technologies to move ahead of old, competitive standards through a Revolutionary Connected Platform that links the tools of sales and service, and provides more personal and empowering experiences for their workforce.

3. ONPASSIVE’S structure is set up to force everyone involved to be successful. It doesn’t matter what type of talent level you have, especially individuals with no experience in business. 

IF YOU ARE A MARKETER (Network, Affiliate, Multi-Level, Direct Sales…) I don’t need to tell you what this means. Once it launches, you choose or use YOUR OWN DOMAIN; not the company’s. 

It’s your business… yours… and its grown and branded for you by ONPASSIVE. Every tool you would ever need to build and be more successful at growing your own business is included.

IF YOU ARE NOT A MARKETER, this means that you will be automatically marketing the ONPASSIVE Business Solution and generating income that will grow month after month while OnPassive builds your business.

You will not have to recruit, sell, promote if you don’t want to… but you can earn much more if you do.

Putting the pieces together – it means we finally have a business solution that allows everyone to succeed no matter who they are or what they have done previously. Every member, whether passive or active, will succeed automatically.

Robert Tantullo



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