Deflation Disruption

How Sweet it Is!!

Technology is the weapon of mass destruction to our economy! Developing more improved machines, medicines, communications, transportation and the vast plethora of time saving technological advances destroys by deflating a vibrant economy.

Efficient time saving advancement ultimately deflates jobs, prices, production and people.

“The continual growth and inflation we expect—the system we’ve built
our nations’ economies around—is ceasing to exist. Technology is a
deflationary force so great that, in the end, nothing we do will stop it.”1

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Technology’s global missile that is the
ultimate disruptive force wiping out present day business models of

“Every so often, we learn something new that rewrites all of
what we have come to know and trust. In those moments, our foundation of knowledge crumbles—and with it, many of the beliefs that we have built on top of it. Those transitions are hard because we do not easily let go of our beliefs” ‘Jeff Booth’

Businesses that try to hold on to the old models of marketing and production will disintegrate from existence as the mass forces of AI Technology cause the greatest disruptive deflationary disturbance in the coming years.

Entrepreneurs who embrace the sweet marriage of AI Technology are becoming the business trail blazers of today.

ONPASSIVE is that ‘Sweet Marriage’ of AI Technology.

ONPASSIVE’s “marketing tools are cutting edge tools that use advanced
technology and digital marketing strategies in making your marketplace
more effective!

ONPASSIVE’s disruptive marketing tools will cut time, negative
emotional decisions, customer sorting, scaling issues, and most any
marketing inefficiencies that cause a business to lose time, energy and

As ONPASSIVE deflates all unnecessary business marketing barriers, ONPASSIVE will inflate business profits.

DO NOT miss the wedding invitation!

Become a Founder in the ONPASSIVE opportunity. The fuse has been lit, the launch pad is ‘systems go’ and the countdown has begun.

Darrell Cook holds a Founder’s position and is a reseller for
ONPASSIVE helping entrepreneurs form a customer/business team that
will transform how marketing will move ahead in the 21st century.

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