Be Active During Uncertainty

It is a known fact that change and technology are always present.  Brent Bates of the Wild West Crypto show was discussing how investors often times hesitate to act on a new or developing business because of the uncertainty of the performance of that particular new market. 

It doesn’t take a seasoned investor to realize all of the uncertainty around the world at present.  But many have heard the old saying that “with crisis comes opportunity.”  

Ash Mufareh, CEO and Owner, of the new AI / IT company ONPASSIVE and its 173,000+ Founding members have embraced the uncertainty of the present day marketing future.  

ONPASSIVE and its many AI IT products is launching to the world the most disruptive and innovative TBS (Total Business Solution)  for any online and offline business.  What ever the product, message, idea, or solution one has to get to the world, ONPASSIVE and its TBS is the answer.

ONPASSIVE has Suites of Products that fits the budget of the basic home  user to the marketing expert. 

Imagine a school system that can reach thousands of students at home who can interact simultaneously with teacher ad peers. 

Imagine the Mega church that has tens of thousands of members globally who can seamlessly listen and interact.  

Imagine the delight of any sized company marketing its products online with all the necessary webpage builders, hosting, updating, etc. all under one umbrella at the most competitive prices  that will reduce even more over time for being a valued customer. 

Better yet, getting paid over time for being that long term dedicated faithful customer.

ONPASSIVE, the next Unicorn business opportunity, is creating a world wide disruptive tremor in the industry.  Join the 173,000+ founders now and experience the tidal wave ride!

Darrell Cook holds a founder’s position and is a reseller for ONPASSIVE helping entrepreneurs form a customer/business team that will transform how marketing will move ahead in the 21st century.

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