A Lone Wolf is a Dead Wolf

You work hard in high school, get accepted to the college of your choice, and graduate to the free market world.  You have great ideas, vision, and a desire to make those ideas a reality. “If you do believe that this is a good path for you, it’s important to understand that although being an entrepreneur does mean that you work for yourself, it does not mean that you work alone.”1

Dr. h.c. Harold Seiz, author of Think Big—How to Conquer the World with a Great Idea warns that an entrepreneur will never make it alone. UG Success magazine quotes Dr. Seiz.

 “Getting a big pack together is going to  be a lot of hard work. But as a lone wolf you won’t get very far. Everyone has their limits. That’s why you need the right team.” A Team Is Essential.

ONPASSIVE is the IT (Informational Technology) company that will build that team for the serious entrepreneur. Whether a brick and mortar, nonprofit, or online business, ONPASSIVE will partner with them, providing a plug n’ play platform that markets one’s business, sorting and funneling customers ripe to buy.

Darrell Cook holds a Founder’s Position and is a reseller for ONPASSIVE helping entrepreneurs form a customer/business team that will transform how marketing will move ahead in the 21st century.

To learn more go to: trimurl.co/darrellcook

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